The Nest - Sober Living House in Monterey
Robin DeFilippi (left) and Vicki McMillan have created a safe haven for women
newly out of rehab to reintegrate into society in a supportive living environment.

The Nest Provides Women with a Sober Space

By Brett Wilbur from Carmel Magazine, Holiday Issue 2017

In a spacious home close to public transportation and 12-Step recovery programs, the only women’s sober living environment in Monterey recently opened to support those who have just completed a drug or alcohol treatment program.

Vicki McMillan (who also works for Carmel Magazine) and counselor Robin DeFilippi were inspired to establish a sober living house after experiencing the many ups and downs of helping loved ones struggling with addiction. McMillan emphasizes the importance of a supportive environment during the vulnerable period post-rehab.

“It’s important that these women are not being pushed and rushed into their old life right out of rehab with the same people and environment that they were using in,” she says. “It’s proven over and over again that sober living homes greatly increase the chances of a full recovery.”

The Nest has a zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol and requires a two-month minimum stay. Residents pay a reasonable fee and a livein “house mom” provides oversight and accountability to the women in recovery.

“There is no easy fix to the disease of addiction but we want to do our part,” McMillan says.

“It’s just a safe place for women to live and be supported by other women, and to be able to get back into the mainstream of a productive life enjoying jobs, school and their families.”

For more information, go to or contact Robin DeFilippi at or Vicki McMillan at

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